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Thanks For The Memories, David Ortiz

Consistent designated hitters in Major League Baseball are hard to come by. It’s a position that is usually left for the team’s best veteran hitter that could shift the momentum of a game with just one hit. For the Boston Red...


Forget Geno Smith, Play Petty Now!

  I cannot deal. New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles has withdrawn his support of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Instead, backup quarterback Geno Smith is reportedly taking the reins on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. It only took 10 interceptions, two unforgettable...


[ICYMI] All Sports Everything Radio: Kap Got the Keys!

On this week’s edition of All Sports Everything Radio (ep. 78), I welcomed the NY Giants back to the winners’ circle and defended Odell Beckham Jr’s “excessive celebrations”(13:22), talked NFC East standings (24:39), and how officiating is ruining the game (30:22)....