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Serena Williams Twerks on All the Haters in Beyonce’s ‘Sorry’

Last night the world stopped. Beyonce’s highly anticipated and top secret visual album, “Lemonade,” made its world premiere on HBO. During the 60-minute Beyonce Experience, the beautiful artistic expression of a good relationship gone bad gone good again (?) left millions...


Does WNBA Need NBA Players’ Validation To Progress?

The WNBA will celebrate its 20th season in May. Typically, such a milestone represents maturity, success, growth and prosperity.  While the WNBA’s sustainability has disproven many doubters who believed the league would’ve folded years ago, the past two decades haven’t necessarily been...

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Money Talks: Religion, Politics and Sports

Historically, the state of Georgia has been known for being a “Bible Belt” state, which informally refers to the southeastern region of the United States known for its conservative ways closely linked to Christianity.  Well, this week a critical decision was...

Serena Williams from U.S. serves during the match against Sara Errani from Italy at the Madrid Open tennis tournament, in Madrid, Saturday, May 11, 2013. (AP Photo/Andres Kudacki) NFL

LOOK BACK AT IT: Shana Renee Around the Media

Last week I was all over these internets. From commenting to MSNBC about the Indian Wells controversy, to interviewing Dallas Cowboys Brandon Carr and Atlantic Records SVP Dallas Martin about the Flint, Michigan water crisis to schooling Istanbul’s sports fans about...