Gotta Have It: NBA 2K11 and Def Jam Rapstar!

Last night I went to bed with two things on mind, NBA 2K11 and Def Jam Rapstar.  This morning I woke up with two things on my mind, NBA 2K11 and Def Jam Rapstar.  Yesterday, both of these video games dropped and my mind started racing with ways I could play these games without actually coming out of pocket.

Now, I haven’t owned a video game console in over 15 years.  Growing up, I had Atari, Nintendo, and Sega Genesis.  However, somewhere along the way, I lost interest.  But, with the release of NBA2K11 and Def Jam Rapstar, I’m seriously thinking about copping a console and coming out of retirement.  Here’s why.

NBA 2K11 has some of the most advanced graphics and simulation you’ll ever see.  It looks beyond real.  The player’s signature moves are unbelievably close to the real thing.  The player’s likeness is uncanny.  The fluidity in which the player’s move is incredible.  Oh, and the GOAT, Michael Jordan himself, is the cover athlete for this year’s edition.  So you know how you NBA heads debate how Kobe and MJ would’ve matched up, well NBA 2K11 provides the means for you to explore that scenario.  So the players of the 80s and 90s can face off against today’s stars.  I live for this type of  stuff! Anything that will allow me to relive the glory days of my favorite Knicks players from back in the day gives me joy!  The last time I picked up a video game controller to play basketball was about six or seven years ago, but after reading reviews on the game here and here, I’m trying to be all over it without making the full commitment, lol.

If you need further convincing, check out the trailer.

Now, on to Def Jam Rapstar.

This game has me hype because I’m all about my 80s and 90s Hip Hop.  Do you see a pattern here, lol?  I enjoy some of the music of today, but nothing compares to the good ol’ days of ’90s Hip Hop.  I remember “scratching” my brother’s JJ Fad, MC Lyte, and Big Daddy Kane records and thinking I was doing something.  Man, do I miss those days.  I also remember “writing” rhymes with my cousin and “performing” for my brother and his friends.  Wait!  There’s more!  In college, my best friend and I renewed our desire to be female MCs and picked up a pen and started “writing” lyrics.  I admit, I was never any good, but I could flow….along with a track, lol.

A few years back, I went to Hip Hop Karaoke in NYC with a group of friends.  We performed a Salt N Pepa song on stage in front of 100s of people.  It was the greatest feeling, rocking the mic and moving the crowd.  It sent chills through the body.  I don’t even know if that spot still hosts Hip Hop Karaoke, but I remember thinking it was the best thing ever in life.  I want that ol’ thing back.

Well, Def Jam Rapstar is giving us just that!  Although the tracklist is a little thin, it satisfies my appetite way more than pretending to rock out to Rockband or Guitar Hero songs that I’d never heard of before.  If you’re a lover of Hip Hop, get up on Def Jam Rapstar.  You won’t regret it.  Get your people together, start a cipha, and get it in!

Although I think their trailer isn’t as effective as it could’ve been, check it out anyway.


Update:  So, I actually found someone who’s going to buy NBA 2K11 so I can play it.  One down, one to go.  Who’s going to hook me up with Def Jam Rapstar?

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