Red Bull Launches Monthly Magazine, The Red Bulletin

What started as an energy drink by Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz, has blossomed into a massive global marketing empire.

The Red Bull brand continues to develop new and innovative ways to market the popular beverage.  After putting millions on top of millions of dollars behind team ownership, event sponsorship, celebrity endorsements, and more, the international brand has decided to spread its wings and venture into the US print media world.

Mateschitz’s latest project for the brand is a monthly sports and lifestyle publication, The Red Bulletin, covering music, sports, food, travel and art.  The magazine, which has heavy Red Bull branding throughout, has been a mainstay in other countries since 2007, but it wasn’t available in the US until now.  America’s debut issue is now on stands and is also available via events, mail, and as a monthly Sunday subscriber supplement in five major US newspapers– The Los Angeles Times, The Miami Herald, The New York Daily News, the Houston Chronicle and The Chicago Tribune.

Here’s what The Red Bulletin has in store for you,

The Red Bulletin’s charge is to deliver the unexpected.  The magazine honors those who don’t play by the rules, who push the limits, swim against the current, have a lust for life, have a passion for adventure and are not afraid to walk courageous new paths.  We take readers on adventures they didn’t even know they wanted to explore.  The Red Bulletin attempts to convey the spark of excitement that rushes through the unique people who manage to transform their crazy ideas into reality.  By expanding the print edition across 10 countries worldwide with a total circulation of 4.6 million, the magazine no longer limits its reporting only to the world of Red Bull, but extended its features to exciting stories from all over the planet.

After flipping through the 100 page magazine, I can vouch for Red Bull’s grandiose claims.  It’s obvious The Red Bulletin isn’t your typical sports or music magazine.  While the June cover athlete is San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum, his feature is probably the only mainstream story you’ll find.  The magazine smartly balances stories that inform the reader about trends or talent they’re familiar with, while also dedicating ink to stories that introduces the reader to new and interesting artists or cultures.  For example, some of the stories you’ll come across include Wiz Khalifa, deaf motorcross racer Ashely Fiolek, Chicago’s new subculture Footworkin’ and a Ghanainan fufu recipe!   And because Red Bull is such a young, cutting-edge brand, their reputation leads you to believe that if it’s on Red Bulls’ radar, then it should also be on yours.

While catering to its faithful core, the 18-34 year old male, The Red Bulletin also aims to serve those of the opinion that print publications are so 2010 by offering a FREE iPad app with video and eye-catching moving images!  No iPad, no problem.  Content is also available on

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