Today’s Tweet: Tonight’s NBA Draft is Much Ado About Nothing

I’ve finally accepted that as much as I’d like to care about tonight’s NBA Draft, I just do not.  And it’s ok because Dickie V agrees that year’s draft pool is extremely shallow and weak!

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Even the most talked about players, Kyrie Irving, Derrick Williams, Jimmer Fredette, and Kemba Walker have been exposed and criticized for having incomplete games.  None of the players have the talent or skill to to be franchise players and transform a non-contender into a contender.  How disappointing.

Back in the day, I remember being so hype about the NBA Draft that I would swipe pages from the newspaper and mark it up with who I thought would go where.  Then, on the night of the actual draft, I’d sit on the couch with a notebook and write down every pick.  Obviously all of this is unnecessary because of the internet, but my point is that the draft used to be a major television event that I wouldn’t dream of missing!  Now?  I’m lukewarm about whether or not I’ll even watch tonight!

The only thing that may boost my interest is if some of the trade rumors that have been swirling in the wind the past couple of days go down.  Andrew Bynum to the Twolves? Lamar Odom to 76ers? Tony Parker?  Steve Nash?  It would be good to see some of these perennially good teams shake things up a bit, especially because we’re a week away from an NBA Lockout which means no other free agency signings or trades will transpire until a new CBA is signed.   And God only knows when that’ll be.

But, just because I refuse to feign excitement about tonight’s draft, I won’t leave you hanging.

Here are some good resources to help you prepare for tonight.


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