DJK3: The Aftermath

What a magical weekend in the Bronx.  Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit, homerun, game winning RBI, and 5-5 performance is definitely worth a lifetime of memories. Under the flashing bulbs, rolling cameras, and a roaring sold out crowd, MLB’s golden boy delivered the perfect ending to another monumental moment in his fairytale career.  Now that we’ve had a couple of days to absorb it all, let’s take a look at the aftermath.

The Rich Get Richer

According to CNBC’s sports business guru Darren Rovell, the NY Yankees merchandise sales have soared over the past day. As of Sunday afternoon, the NY Yankees sold $3 million in food, beverage, and Jeter merchandise on Saturday, which averages out to about $50/person.  Furthermore, since the fourth inning, after Jeter reached the milestone, the Yankees estimated about $2.5 million in Jeter merchandise alone.


In you case you missed, Jay-Z was fortunate enough to witness Jeter’s hit and captured it on a shaky handheld camera. Check out the footage and listen to Hov go ape shit after Jeter’s homerun!


After the game, Jay-Z waited to congratulate Jeter in person and talked to Yes Networks’ Kim Jones for a bit.  During the interview, Jay-Z was among the first to slam Christian Lopez, the fan who returned the ball to Jeter without asking for anything in return.  Here’s what the rapper had to say:


As the old adage goes, no good deed goes unpunished.  Poor Lopez learned the hard way because he’s received nothing but criticism for doing the honorable thing.  Personally, I prefer the saying, when you go good, you get good.  Thanks Rev. Run, lol. Although Lopez didn’t seek a reward in exchange for the ball, the Yankees did the right thing and hooked him up anyway. Lopez received:

  • Four tickets to Sunday’s game
  • Four tickets to each game for the rest of the season, including the postseason
  • 3 signed Derek Jeter baseball bats
  • 3 signed Derek Jeter baseballs
  • 3 signed Derek Jeter jerseys
  • A chance to meet Derek Jeter

Trust me, he can still earn a pretty penny by selling the tickets on stubhub or selling the signed DJ memorabilia on ebay. He’ll be alright, so leave the kid alone!

Derek Jeter 3K:  Coming Soon

Although no official premiere date has been announced for HBO’s upcoming documentary about Jeter’s 3000th hit, the trailer has been running on HBO nonstop. HBO will certainly benefit from a nice little ratings boost whenever the doc does air.


Brand Jordan

Also, Nike and Brand Jordan produced a spot to celebrate and commemorate the Captain’s achievement, peep it:


MLB All Star Game

While Jeter had been lauded all weekend, he’s also been criticized for backing out of the All Star Game.  Baseball enthusiasts like Buster Olney and Dickie V feel that Jeter and other MLB players who were voted into the ASG, but have declined to participate, are letting their fans down.

Here’s one fan’s perspective…mine and this goes for the NBA All Star Game too.  Although I like when the fans vote for players on my team to compete in the All Star Game, I’d prefer if the players didn’t participate.  The risk of injury is too great and everyone could benefit from the time off, especially in baseball.  The season is long enough as it is, no need to over do it.  Although I do understand Olney and Vitale’s position on this issue, I have absolutely no problem with DJ’s decision.

At the end of the day, what matter’s most to fans is that you’re healthy enough to contribute and give your team a legit shot at winning a championship.  While I’m sure Jeter appreciates receiving the fans votes, I can guarantee a sixth ring would mean even more!

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