NFL hopeful, Nate Robinson, stars in new webseries!

Whether you respect his game or not, Nate Robinson is guaranteeing he remains relevant during the NBA lockout, so get use to him!

While many NBA athletes are spending their free time hooping it up in Pro-Am leagues, or pretending preparing to head overseas, the 5’9 three-time NBA dunk champion is campaigning for a chance to play cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks.  He recently attended one of their practices, and even got newly inducted Hall-of-Famer Deion Sanders, one of the best dual sport athletes in history, to join his movement.  If you didn’t know, before Nate Robinson played in the NBA, he excelled as a cornerback at the University of Washington, so Robinson isn’t necessarily dreaming an impossible dream, or is he?

While time will only tell, and I personally don’t think it’ll happen, I do think it would be pretty dope if it did come to fruition!

And luckily for us, Robinson is documenting his summer activities and taking us behind the scenes via his new webseries, State of Nate (S.O.N.) which is being distributed via YouTube.  The first webisode was made available yesterday and basically serves as a trailer for the webseries, as Robinson explains the who, what, where, when, and why.  Set in his hometown of Seattle, future webisodes promise a more in depth look at Nate Robinson’s life —  the man, father, friend, and athlete.

Watch the video below.  The 5 minutes are worth it.  Plus, it features a track from Watch The Throne at the end.

Honestly, I’m not sure why more athletes haven’t started producing their own webseries’.  There are minimal costs to produce and market.  Plus, if done correctly, it’ll enhance the athlete’s buzz factor, brand value, and relevancy during the offseason, or in the NBA’s case, the lockout.  But even beyond that, athletes have the opportunity to control their message while further connecting with fans and media.

Newsflash: athletes are not one-dimensional robots who eat, sleep, and shi*t sports.  That’s why so many have embraced social networking sites like twitter.  So, a webseries is a perfect vehicle for athletes to share their many interests and talents with the public.  And, if marketed properly, the webseries can also grab the attention of brands, and eventually lead to other moneymaking opportunities.  It’s virtually a no-brainer, especially for athletes with big personalities like KryptoNate.

Props to Goodwin Sports, the sports agency that reps Robinson, Kevin Durant, Jamal Crawford, Candace Parker, Liz Cambage and others.  They stay on top of it!

– S. Renee

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