NY Jets vs San Diego Chargers: The Morning After

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After the verbal sparring Rex Ryan initiated with Norv Turner, Ryan and his team backed it up with a 27-21 win against the San Diego Chargers.


– It took them 6 weeks, 1 half,1 trade and lots of mouthing off, but the NY Jets have arrived.  After falling behind to the Chargers 21-10, the Cardiac Kids put together their typical come from behind win complete with INTs, shut down defense, and glimpses of Mark Sanchize.  Furthermore,  for the first time all season, Sanchez remembered he had a 6’5 wide receiver available to him.  And, whatdayaknow, Plax snatched up 3 TD passes off of 4 catches for 25 yards.  Talk about an efficient game.

Schottenheimer finally drew up plays that allowed Sanchez to target and find Plax, something that every Jets fan has been begging him to do all season.  As visibly frustrated as Plax appeared this season, he spared us the Keyshawn Johnson-like dramatics and bounced back with a big game.  If Schottenheimer sticks with this game plan, the Sanchez-to-Burress connection will give Sanchez the confidence he needs to perform at a consistent level.  Something every Jets fan dreams about.

We also had liftoff from Shonn Greene for the first time all season.  Greene finally proved why the Jets believe he’s the future.  For the first time since last October, Greene rushed for over 100 yards.  This was encouraging because the Jets finally grounded n pounded it all over an opponent for once, while the Jets’ D locked up the Chargers’ running game.

– When will QB’s learn to avoid Revis Island?  Revis had the biggest play of the game, a 64-yard INT that setup Plax’s third TD of the day.  Coming off that TD, the Jets took the lead for the first time in the game and never looked back.  Then, on the very next Chargers possession, Revis’ protege, Kyle Wilson got in on the action and made his first-career interception.  Overall, it was a good day for the defense.  They held the Chargers to 96 rushing yards, scoreless in the second half, and 7/14 on third downs.


– Sanchez’s inconsistency continues to weigh down the Jets offense.  Turning the ball over, throwing into double coverage, taking a sack when he should throw it away, or throwing it away when he should take the sack are momentum killers.  But, on the other hand, when the game is on the line, Sanchez’s late game heroics kick in and he leads the team to victory.  His game is schizophrenic and frustrating as hell, but it is who he is and as long as Rex remains committed to him, I suppose Jets fans should do the same.  I just don’t know how many more heart-stopping plays we can take from the third year QB.


– The Jets game started off bad, but instead of stumbling into the “ugly” territory, they turned things around and ended on a high note.  In the second half, the team scored 17 unanswered points to bring their record above 500.  The team is far from perfect, but 4-3 is a lot better than 3-4.  I’ll take it.

The Jets have a bye next week, but this Chargers win will give them the boost of confidence needed to face their 4-2 division rivals, Buffalo Bills, in Week 9.  So far, the Bills are the only team to answer Rex Ryan’s challenge to beat the Patriots this season.  So, it’ll be interesting to see where they stack up against the new and improved Bills.  Plus, it’s a road game.  The Jets are 0-3 on the road this season, a far cry from the team who went 6-2 on the road last year. The Jets not only need this win to prove they’re not the third best, or second worst (depending on how you like at it) team in the division.  But, more importantly, they need this win to prove to themselves and everyone else they can still win on the road.

Once again the Jets find themselves in a must-win situation as they’re also 1-1 in the division.  As we hit the mid-season mark, the Jets have too much at stake to lose this game.  If the Jets fall to the Bills, a playoff berth looks mighty dim.

-S. Renee

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