Randy Moss Returns to USTREAM…Next Stop, NFL?

Although he’s been out of the spotlight for the past six months, Randy Moss continues to find new ways to entertain and surprise the sports world. Yesterday, on his 35th birthday, Moss shocked us by hosting a USTREAM chat and announcing his plans to unretire from the game. He admitted some family issues led to his decision to retire last August, but those matters have been resolved and, “Your boy is going to come back here and play some football.”

If you’re hoping to read that Moss’s USTREAM sessions (yes, there were two!) rivaled Stephon Marbury’s legendary and now infamous YouTube videos, I’m sorry to disappoint you. There were moments where he came close, but it’s going to take a lot more than seeing Randy Moss pick his nose to unseat StarburyTV. Not only did Moss not record his sessions (smart guy), but for the most part, he appeared completely in control and only interested in interacting with fans, responding to their questions, and having fun.

In the morning, Moss largely focused on breaking news about his retirement, his willingness to return to the Patriots, and how the the late Myra Kraft welcomed him to the Patriots with open arms. He also revealed a new look. Long gone are his signature cornrows. He even showed a bag filled with his freshly cut hair. But not to worry, his thick W. Virginia accent and sweatshirt addiction are alive and well.

In the evening, he was also very open. He revealed that he plans to release a tell all about his life, and also his decision to return has nothing to do with money. He says he’s saved most of it. After a fan asked him if he’s a better deep threat than Calvin Johnson, he admitted he didn’t know. He also discussed his love for Whitney Houston and rated her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl at the top of his list, his respect for Tom Brady and Joe Montana, and stuff as random and off putting as the smell of his poop. I told you he was open. But before signing off, he returned the conversation to football and talked about Cris Carter’s HOF snubs.

And as you can imagine, after Moss announced his plans, the obligatory Terrell Owens vs Randy Moss debates kicked off instantaneously. And because I have an opinion too, I offer you my $.02.

I believe Randy has a better chance of returning to the league than TO. Unlike TO, 38, he wasn’t knocked out of the game because of a potentially career-ending knee injury. As I said here, his productivity declined toward the end of his career, but even during that time, he teased us with remarkable catches that only he could make. When he retired without explanation, I assumed his ego got the best of him. But now he shares that family matters were the cause. Whether that’s true or not, the fact remains he left on his own merit causing a premature ending to his career. But much like TO, Tiki Barber, AI, or other “aged” athletes that have a blemished reputation because of a me-first attitude, that may also be a dream killer for Randy.

I read an article that suggested the Jets, MY Jets, may be a possible home for Moss. To that I say, hell no! Let’s be clear, I’m a Randy Moss fan and would’ve jumped at the opportunity to have him on my squad say four of five years ago, but now, no way. First of all, the team’s chemistry is already in a complete disarray. Mark Sanchez’s competency will remain in doubt until next season and he proves what he is or isn’t capable of. And since it appears Santonio Holmes, Sanchez’s biggest critic is returning, the last thing we need is Moss to join the team and further stir the pot. Plus, the New York media would have a field day with regular Randy Moss AND Rex Ryan sound bites. Nah, homey, I’m good.

You know what else I’m good on, tuning into another edition of MossTV. This New Yawka has no interest in Randy’s country ass accent (typical, I know), or hearing how his poop smells. But, if you’re into this sort of thing, there’s good news! MossTV can happen at any time! Follow @darealotismoss on twitter for updates on exact times and join his USTREAM here.

UPDATE! It’s Tuesday at 8:57AM/ET and he’s on now!

– S. Renee

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