‘The Wire’ Meets March Madness Brackets

Photo via David T. Cole/Grantland illustration

If you watched Bill Simmons chat with Barack Obama during his BS Report podcast last week, then you know they touched on all sports everything and the greatest series ever made, The Wire. When asked, President Obama said Omar Little was the greatest character on the show.  Simmons then hinted that there might be a March Madness ‘The Wire’ themed bracket in the works.  And he wasn’t lying, y’all.  It’s here!

Grantland revealed Smacketology, yesterday. It’s a field of 32 in which fanatics of The Wire’s corner boys and politically corrupt system can choose the last man (or woman) standing on those mean B-more streets.  It’s an effing genius idea and completely something that only other obsessive compulsive cult followers of The Wire will devour.

Here’s what the bracket looks like (click image to enlarge):

Photo via David T. Cole/Grantland illustration

I need more time, like a complete day, to fully analyze and assess the seedings, but off the top of my head, here’s what jumped out at me:

-It’s only right that Avon is a No. 1 seed, considering he had the game locked up early on.

– Stringer a No. 1 seed and Marlo a No. 2…in the same bracket?  I’m not feeling this.  If anything, I would’ve flipped the seedings.  Stringer was No. 2 to Avon’s No.1, so how is he going to be a top seed?  Especially over Marlo, who eventually became the HNIC after Stringer was popped by Omar and Brother Mouzone.

– Speaking of Brother Mouzone, I think they undervalued him as a No. 8 seed.  Perhaps I’m grading on a NY curve, but he was that NY muscle Avon relied on to handle business.  When Mouzone rolled through B-More, you knew bodies were about to drop.

– Bunk a No.1 seed, really?

– Clay Davis a No. 2 seed? Sheeeeiiiiiit.  I agree he had the greatest meme of the show and stayed doing dirt, but a No. 2 seed is a reach.

– Do my eyes deceive me or did Slim Charles really find himself in the NIT of The Wire bracket tourney?

– It’s pretty fitting that McNulty (No. 4) and Daniels (No. 5) are going head-to-head against each other.

– Wallace is seeded No. 4, which I though was a little high.  But considering he’s paired against “that Jew lawyer” Maurice Levy (No. 5), I think it’s fair.

– I like Michael (No. 2) and Omar (No. 1) eventually going head to head in the W. Baltimore bracket.  Omar gets the win, of course, but Michael was definitely on the verge of ascension.

We can sit here and discuss the seedings all day and night, but when it’s said and done, President Obama is right.  Omar, without question, is the trillest character on the show, making a bracket breakdown of the characters completely unnecessary.  But I’m not mad at Smackektology at all because it allows Wire fiends to feed our addiction.  If you need a fix, join the conversation over at Grantland’s Facebook page.  Day 2 voting is now open.

Talk to me people, what do you think of The Wire’s field of 32?


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