The Morning After: NY Jets vs Miami Dolphins (23-20)

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WordPress refused to fight fairly this morning. Based on the timing of this post and the switched up format, take one guess who excelled in that battle. Hint: Not me.

Thankfully, the NY Jets were more successful than I. Although the Jets 23-20 victory over the Miami Dolphins in OT wasn’t pretty, any of it, a win is a win. And with that win, the Jets are currently sitting atop the AFC East with a 2-1 record. The Buffalo Bills, division rivals, also hold a 2-1 record, but the Jets have an early advantage because they remain undefeated in the division. However, not even that, coupled with another Patriots loss, is enough to cause ignorance to the colossal fact that the Jets are not a good football team. Period.

Not exactly breaking news, I know, but I wanted to withhold my official ruling until I had an opportunity to see more than two games. We’re now three weeks into the season and the team’s deficiencies at virtually every area of the game are way too obvious to think otherwise. And unfortunately, I don’t see anything improving anytime soon simply because the Jets have been tiredly singing and forcing upon us to the same pitchy, off-beat tune for a while.

Mark Sanchez, now a four-year quarterback, doesn’t have the skill or football IQ to excel at the pro level. Although he has moments of promise, they’re far too fleeting to expect a vast transformation. Terrible redzone efficiency, overthrowing receivers, continuously throwing into cover two and cover three situations are all inherent flaws of his game that are too big to ignore. In the past, the team was able to overcome his deficiencies with a solid running game, an indestructible defense, and a Jets receiving corp that consisted of more than one reliable guy. However, since then, the Jets team as a whole has deteriorated. Our rushing defense is such a joke that we barely beat a team with a rookie quarterback and no legitimate wideouts. If Reggie Bush wasn’t knocked out of the game with an injury, there’s no doubt the Jets would be the team with the 1-2 record.

When will Jets brass finally admit Sanchez is not the answer? If you’re not going to replace him at least give him enough support so he can effectively do his job. The team’s offseason acquisitions did absolutely nothing to benefit Sanchez’s QB-style, which I equate to a four-year old’s bowling style. Keep reading. You’ll get it.

If you take little Johnny bowling, and don’t put up the rails to prevent the ball from rolling into the gutter, yet expect a strike or spare at every turn, you’re wasting your time. Even with the bumpers, it takes the ball forever to make it down the lane, but at least you know there will be some knocked down pins to show for your time. Like little Johnny, Sanchez needs rails in the gutter, or a capable surrounding cast that will rise to the level of his playing ability. Without it he’s lost. Sanchez has never been a particularly good quarterback, it’s just that he’s had bumpers to pad his ok performance that we called Plaxico Burress, Braylon Edwards, Jericho Cotchery, Jim Leonhard, and on and on. Why genius-boy Mike Tannenbaum thought it was more prudent to channel Phil Jackson’s zen-master mind games and sign Tim Tebow to help boost Sanchez’s confidence rather than beef up the receiving corp or defensive unit remains lost on me. He waited until the eleventh hour to finally pull the plug on Wayne Hunter when Hunter should’ve been the first to get the axe after last season. That is extremely concerning because it’s as if there is no sense of urgency to win. Towards the end of last season, all of the Jets’ weak spots were exposed and well-documented. Yet, virtually none of the holes were plugged to start the season. Newsflash: Not only is Rex Ryan an average head coach, but the defensive edge he was lauded for has seemingly disappeared. Was all his strength in his weight? The more pounds he loses, the weaker the defense becomes. The Jets’ defense has been ebbing for a while and is no longer in a position to pick up the slack while the mediocre offense narrowly escapes with wins. That’s especially an ugly truth, now, as the number one shutdown corner in the game, Darrelle Revis, has a torn ACL. *weeps uncontrollably* Without Revis Island to fear, quarterbacks will have free reign to distribute the ball and steamroll the Jets. It’s just all bad.

When a win leaves you with the same yuck mouth taste as a loss, you know it’s going to be an excruciatingly long season. I haven’t completely written them off yet because we’re only heading into Week 4 and stranger things have happened, but with the 49ers coming to town after a shocking loss to the Minnesota Vikings, I’m preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

I know…I’m a typical Jets fan.


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