Guess What? I’m Back!


Sports Heads!

I’m back! Oh, how I’ve missed thee.

I know it’s been a minute, three months to be exact, since I’ve last updated the blog. But just know I’ve had good reasons for stepping away.  Although it would be easy for me to blame the NY Jets for my disappearance act, they’re not the reason. OK, well maybe they deserve part of the blame.  After all, eulogizing the Jets week after week wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I set out to do weekly game recaps. But in an effort to keep it all the way real with you, the truth is I burnt myself out.  The daily hustle and flow, or should I say non-cash flow, of the solopreneur life broke me all the way down, y’all.  My creativity vanished and so did my passion and confidence.  I was so confused and unsure about what I wanted that I seriously contemplated working for the man again.  Now I shudder at the thought of that because I am utterly and completely not about that life.  I knew that all along, and yet, the safe but extra boring route still seemed like a good the time.  The thoughts of receiving a steady paycheck, and collecting stamps in my passport caused me to swerve off course a bit.  But thankfully, my all-star team of family and friends (you know who you are!), successfully took the wheel and convinced me to stick it out. And I’m forever grateful they did.  Their words of encouragement, coupled with prayer and soul-searching reminded me that pursuing what I love and not compromising who I am to achieve true happiness is one of the reasons I started this journey in the first place.  My hiatus may have been unexpected, but it was necessary as hell, and probably one of the best decisions I could’ve made.

Not only am I energized to be back on the keys, but I’ve channeled that energy into something dope that I hope to share soon.  Over the next few months, the blog will evolve to include more of me…not like pictures and stuff, although if you’re interested in that sort of thing, follow me on instagram @sdotrenee ;-), but I’m talking about inviting you into my world, and sharing more of my voice, point of view, and interests with you.  I know dope people, who do dope things, and I’m going to allow you to experience some of this as I attempt to explore the convergence of sports + music, sports + fashion, sports + film, and so on and so forth.  Not to worry, you’ll still get my commentary on current sports topics, but that’s not where it stops anymore.

I can’t thank you enough for holding me down over the years. It’s been a wild and crazy and scary journey, but your unwavering support is why I’m still here doing what I do. I just ask you to continue to rock with me, and spread the love by sharing, liking, commenting, and tweeting it all to the masses.  To borrow the words of the MTA, if you see something (you think is dope, ridiculous, dumb, or spot on), say something! I want to hear from you.  It’s that simple.

And with that, I’ll leave you with this inspiring pep talk from Kid President. Trust me, Ray Lewis ain’t got nothing on him.

Yes, together, let’s make this an #awesomeyear.  And let’s get started today by liking ASE on Facebook, following me on twitter, and instagram…lol.  Many thanks.

Ahhh, it feels good to be back! Look for new posts starting Monday.

Go 9ers!



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  • Kellie

    Welcome back! Looking forward to to everything you have in store for us!

    • S. Renee

      Thanks Kellie! I’m happy to be back!

  • DDuggs

    Welcome back – we all need to pause sometimes to regroup, refocus and re-shift. Looking forward to the creativity that comes out of it!

    • S. Renee

      Thanks DDuggs!! :-)

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