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Dennis Rodman

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By now, I’m sure you’ve heard Dennis Rodman traveled to North Korea and chopped it up with his new BFF, Kim Jong Un.  Upon returning from his trip, the Hall of Famer joined George Stephanopolus on ABC ‘s “This Week” to discuss and defend his choice to visit North Korea regardless of the USA’s political strife with the dictator.  Despite Stephanopolus reminding Rodman of all the vile things Jong Un is responsible for, he maintained his position that Jong Un is a “good guy”, who loves basketball, and is unfairly judged because of his dad and granddad’s history.

Craziness, but also completely expected when you remember we are talking about Rodman, someone who’s been judged for coloring outside the lines his entire life.  Yes, Rodman’s eyebrow raising antics aren’t quite on par with mass starvation and concentration camps, but I’d still be lying if I said I was surprised Rodman is choosing to judge Jong Un on his personal interaction with the man, rather than the media’s portrayal.  While I may not agree with Rodman’s position, I do respect his point of view…I guess.

If you missed the interview, watch it below.



Photo via Forbes

First of all, I’d be remiss if I wrote about And1 without acknowledging the untimely passing of Harlem streetball legend and AND1 player, Tyrone “Alimoe” Evans aka Black Widow.  If you’re not familiar, he was one of the best. May he rest in peace.

OK, on to the article. Per Forbes, the popular streetball brand, AND1 is planning a comeback for its apparel line as well as its mixtape tour.  It shut down in 2009, but after research indicated an And1 contingent still exists, they tapped Indiana Pacers Guard and New Yorker Lance Stephenson to represent and resurrect the brand with hopes to fill the void in the marketplace.

Entering the basketball apparel industry is usually a uphill battle because Nike and adidas are so dominant.  However, the AND1 name is still relevant, and basketball fans remain interested in watching ballers get creative with dunks, dribbling, alley-oops, and more. With the proper leadership and talent attached, AND1 can be successful as long as they concentrate on satisfying its niche, rather than the masses.

Of countless new brands that enter the sports apparel market, a small number go on to achieve consumer success and even fewer are able to transcend popularity to become part of the lexicon of the sport they focus on. Basketball apparel company And1 is counted among those few, and the brand has positioned itself to make a legendary comeback.

Entering its 20th year in business, the words “And 1” have become as synonymous with the game of basketball as Xerox has with making copies. Although selling substantially less product than juggernaut competitors Nike and Adidas, And1 has firmly rooted itself into the American hoops culture in a way that those companies wish they could. While the brand’s retail popularity has dropped considerably in the past decade due to previous mismanagement, New York based Galaxy Brands is ready to bring back And1 to the forefront of the basketball clothing and shoe market.


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SI Cover

Photo via SI

Nationally, it’s understood that March belongs to NCAA Basketball.  The entire country clears its work and personal schedules to delight in the hysterics of day drinking, upsets, bracket busters and buzzer beaters.  But if the NCAA Tournament didn’t include these ritualistic exercises would we still care? That’s the question Sports Illustrated’s latest cover begs of us.  As you see, Ohio Sate University’s Braxton Miller emerges through the clutter of college basketball and dominates.  The image and supporting headline,  “Sorry, Hoops, Two More Weeks to Wait,” suggests college football rules the roost…yes, even in March.  But with the NFL’s ramped up Combine coverage, and spring football right around the corner, it makes you wonder if SI has a point.  Below SI explains its inspiration behind the attention grabbing cover.  Things that make you go hmmm….

This time of year has everyone in the sports world gearing up for March Madness. Yet, the start of spring football also enters the sports spotlight—and fans always have an appetite for some college football. That’s why we chose to do something a bit different and  feature two outstanding college football players, Braxton Miller and Jadeveon Clowney, ripping through a “Where’s Waldo” compilation of college basketball images, on regional covers of the March 4, 2013 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

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