Kobe, stop your blood clot crying!


Photo via AP/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Curtis Compton

If you haven’t heard, Kobe suffered a severe ankle sprain against the Atlanta Hawks, Wednesday night.  As he attempted the game winning shot,  Dahntay Jones played Kobe a little too close as he contested the fadeaway jumper.  Jones’s leg kicked out as Kobe was on his way down.  Kobe subsequently turned his ankle and that was all she wrote.  He’s now listed as out indefinitely.  No call was made. Kobe was heated.  Lakers loss 92-96. End of game. End of story?  No.

After  the game, Kobe took to his twitter account and fired shots toward Dahntay Jones, for what he considered to be a malicious play, and also toward the refs for “blowing the call”.  Jones took the bait and reacted to Kobe’s tough talking twitter act.

But first, here’s the play in question:


And here’s Kobe’s tweet that set everything off…


Dahntay proceeded to tweet the following in his defense…




Except that’s not true, because history proves Jones has indeed tried to intentionally hurt Kobe in the past, 2009 to be exact.

Roll the tape!


But Kobe wasn’t buying it.  This tweet is in response to one of his followers siding with Jones.  (Sidenote:  Kobe has since deleted this tweet, but real twitter Gs know tweets are never really gone forever.)


But wait! There’s more!  Vanessa, Kobe’s wife, later instagrammed this gruesome pic of Kobe’s X-ray. For what? Who the hell knows.

kobe's sprained ankle















And this is what Kobe said following the game…


This is one of those cases where Lakers fans will argue you down trying to convince you that Jones had malicious intent.  But after watching the video a few times, I definitely think it was just one of those freak things that’s part of the game.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Jones’s past definitely makes him look suspect, but he told you, he only intentionally tripped Kobe in ’09 because the championship was on the line.  Translation: the stakes aren’t high enough for him to get extra Jerz during a regular season game. He has standards, lol.

Bottom line, Kobe’s dramatics are just a reminder that he’s a disciple of Zen Master Phil Jackson.  Instead of Kobe branding himself Vino, I think Whine is far more appropriate.  Phil Jackson taught him well.  Kobe, get over it and get your checkbook ready.  I guarantee you have a fine coming your way.


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  • https://twitter.com/hellodanita Danita

    I liked it better when Kobe wasn’t on Twitter. Thank goodness I can always run back to the video of Chris Childs’ serving up that two-piece. #neverforget

    • Shana Renee

      LOL! I like Kobe on twitter! He’s always kind of been so odd and stand-offish that this humanizes him a bit. And yes! The Chris Childs’ two-piece is classic material. Thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate ya. :-)

  • FiestyE

    Dahntay Jones has done this to Kobe Bryant twice and that makes him a very dirty player, that feels the only way his team can win is to take out someone of Kobe’s caliber. Jones you will NEVER be even a small pimple of a player the likes of Kobe, because of his dirty play tactics. Jones can talk and explain his side of it all he wants to, but the truth is he did what he did on purpose and he’s only giving lip service hoping someone will believe him. Those that do believe him would then have to be someone that would consider playing as dirty as him also, for they have eyes and they know that you never walk under anyone or trip them. The one consolation we will all have and the revenge we will all get is that the Hawks play the Pacers in the first round and they will send all of you to your couches to watch the rest of the playoffs! NO Championship for the Hawks this year and hopefully all the years Jones is still playing for you, because you DON’T DESERVE IT! On the last note, Kobe will get his revenge in the 2014 season and you can all take that to the bank!

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