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Let’s face it, most of you March Madness junkies don’t have the luxury of clearing your work schedules to watch the day games from the comfort of your own home or local dive bar.  Instead, most of you will be forced to schlep to the office, pretend to work as you follow the madness and keep the panic attacks to a minimum as your brackets go up in flames.

Notice I keep saying you? Well, that’s because I do have that luxury.  This is one of those rare instances when the freelance life pays dividends, and yes, I’m cashing out!

Jealous, yet?  Well, don’t be.  There’s absolutely no shame in maintaining a job and collecting a steady paycheck.  After all, you have to find a way to cover the cost of those exorbitant entry fees for your multiple brackets, right?  Plus, the NCAA recognizes how evil bosses can be, and more importantly, how necessary the games are to our health and wellness.

For the third year in a row, the NCAA’s free March Madness Live app has made it extremely convenient for us to follow the action, no matter what we’re doing or where we are.

Two years ago I chose a trip to Portugal over staying put to watch the Final Four and the final game. Although I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the games, nothing stood between me watching Kemba Walker dominate his way to a championship win.  Trust me, the March Madness Live app was everything I needed it to be.

Whether you watched the tourney from your office last year and need a refresher, or if you’re a newbie to following the action on-the-go, here’s all the info you need to multi-task like a pro.

The NCAA’s app March Madness Live is still available for free live streaming across .com, mobile and your tablet (yes, droid users too!) as long as you’re a paying TV subscriber.  To gain access, you’re required to provide your cable subscriber information, but once you’re in, you’ll have access to every live game.  However,  if you’ve cut your TV cord to save a few bucks like many Americans, March Madness Live also allows you to stream up to four hours of content without registering.  The coverage will be available on, and Bleacher Report along with Google Play and the App Store.

As great as that is, there are times when a wifi connection is shotty or inaccessible, altogether.  That’s when going old school and listening to  the radio becomes a life saver.  Sirius XM Radio will broadcast every game on channels 91, 92, 93, 94 and 95.  If you have XM, the games will be broadcasting on 91, 190, 191, 192, and 85.  If you don’t have either, Dial Global Sports owns the broadcast rights.  Go here to find your local station.

Also, remember the tournament begins Tuesday, not Thursday! TruTV will do the honors of covering the tip off between North Carolina AT&T vs Liberty NC at 640PM/ET.  If you have no clue what channel that is, no worries, just enter your zip code in this handy channel finder.  TruTV is airing 13 games total, so you should get familiar with the network, if you’re not already.

If you’re interested in the Women’s tourney, ESPN has you covered! Coverage of their selection show begins tonight, Monday, at 7PM/ET on ESPN.  Per, SI, “every game of the tournament (63 games) will air on the ESPN networks. ESPN and ESPN2 will present its telecasts in a whip-around format with home market protection through the first two rounds. (ESPN3 will offer first- and second-round games in their entirety as a supplement). The final 15 games, beginning with the regional semifinals, will have national telecast windows on ESPN or ESPN2.”  Please join me in prayer, as I send one up to the basketball gods in hopes we receive a Baylor – Notre Dame final.

For a complete play-by-play of March Madness coverage, go here, here and here.

Now that you’re covered on how to keep track of the action, good luck making your picks.

Enjoy the Madness!

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