Stanley Cup Final: Game 1 indulges the non-fan

image via  Scott Stewart/USA TODAY Sports

image via Scott Stewart/USA TODAY Sports

Well played, NHL.

Having two of the Original Six, Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks, competing against one another was one heck of a draw in and of itself.  But last night’s Stanley Cup Final Game 1 thriller was next level.  The instant classic that took three overtimes to decide is exactly the type of edge of your seat drama and excitement that grabs the attention of any casual sports fans.  With many fans’ palates already soaked from the NBA Finals, we’re like that little girl from the AT&T commercial who wants more when we really like it.  It doesn’t matter how it’s packaged, or how little or well known the cast of characters are, just deliver.  And boy did the NHL do that last night by speaking a universal language of competitiveness, grit, hunger, and determination.  The Bruins and Blackhawks entertained fans and produced a Grade A product that resulted in the greatest form of advertisement for a Stanley Cup Final no amount of money could buy; or ad agency could conjure up.  Mix in social media blasting the message that one of your life’s biggest regrets would be not tuning into NBC and hopping aboard a speeding train, and the lack of support from ESPN seems inconsequential.

With the Boston Bruins up by two goals heading into the third period, practically no one expected the Blackhawks to strike a comeback and take fans on the ride of a lifetime, especially after being a few days removed from an exhausting double overtime win over the LA Kings.  But last night’s Blackhawks victory was exactly the type of unscripted result that all sports fans crave and will choose 10 out of 10 times.

Whether you watched the entire game last night, tuned in midway through, or are just watching the recap for the first time, your heart will pound and you will be left breathless.

And the icing on the cake for me?  Watching the Bruins hang their heads in complete and utter disappointment.  So, so good.

Now that we’re all hooked, be sure to catch Game 2 on Saturday at 8PM on NBC.



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