Make it stop: A-Rod’s insufferable media coverage

image via USA Today Sports

image via USA Today Sports

Instead of preparing to start in his first MLB game of the season tonight, Alex Rodriguez is back in Florida rehabbing a quad injury.  Much to the delight of conspiracy theorists everywhere, A-Rod’s future remains ripe for discussion and scrutiny. How long is A-Rod going to rehab in Florida?  Once he’s cleared to resume baseball activities, will he have to partake in another double or triple A stint?  Is A-Rod really injured or are the Yankees buying time to keep him from returning?  What’s the latest on the MLB’s Biogenesis suspensions?  Will MLB rule before A-Rod is cleared to play?  And on and on and on.

When A-Rod’s quad injury news was reported, I rejoiced in knowing that my day will go uninterrupted with meaningless updates about his every at bat.  Of course, the media will replace it with something else, because God forbid, we endure a full 24 hours without an A-Rod update.   I’m aware.

As the story continues to develop, everyone’s writing about it.  I’ve seen a ton of headlines about A-Rod today, which resulted in an exaggerated sigh and eyeroll.  I can’t be the only person completely over any and all A-Rod news. Right? Right.

CBS Sport’s Gregg Doyle feels my pain.  When I stumbled upon this headline, “Just go away:  Pathetic A-Rod no longer worthy of attention,” I thought finally, someone has perfectly opined my thoughts.  Although I could’ve written how I felt about A-Rod myself, I didn’t want to be one of those hypocrites who pounded out a piece about how A-Rod doesn’t deserve any attention, buy doing just that, giving him more attention.  Because no matter how much I acknowledged that I was being a hypocrite, I’m no less guilty than ESPN or the other countless media outlets that inundate us with insufferable A-Rod news.  It’s a balancing act that most media types must juggle.  Today, I caved.

Here are a few of the quotes from Doyle’s article that caused me to break my own rule and share the gospel.

Are you as done with Alex Rodriguez as I am?

I don’t mean done in the “for or against” sort of way. If that’s what I meant — are you for A-Rod, or against him? — there would be no question. Because of course you’re against Alex Rodriguez. We’re all done with A-Rod in that sense, probably even Yankees fans. Maybe even the Yankees themselves. Wouldn’t surprise me if the players in the New York clubhouse dislike A-Rod as much as we do.

But that’s not my question. My question is, are you as tired of the concept of Alex Rodriguez as I am? Some people — Barry Bonds was one; Johnny Manziel is becoming another — are dislikably fascinating.

Not A-Rod. This guy is dislikably tiresome, and I’m done with him. Tired of reading about him. Tired of hearing about him. You’re right, this story is a stupid way of showing it — complaining about the attention on A-Rod by giving attention to A-Rod — but I don’t know what else to do.

Ignoring him isn’t making him go away.

On how A-Rod did this to himself….

Thing is, he should matter. If A-Rod were a different kind of person, he would matter. He’s one of the greatest talents to ever play baseball, a can’t-miss prospect in a game where they miss all the time, but he didn’t miss. He was never going to miss. He had size and speed and power. All five tools? He had ’em. He was destined for Cooperstown when he was 20 years old, and people knew it.

And then he screwed it up, because that’s what he does. He’s not a bad human being, not a mean guy. But he’s a screwup. He’s mentally weak, is what he is, and having Hall of Fame ability isn’t enough to overcome that. A-Rod is spectacularly flaccid mentally, a weak-minded person who wasn’t strong enough to say no to the steroids he didn’t need to excel, or to the ridiculous headlines he didn’t need to be famous, or to the shameless agent he didn’t need to be obscenely wealthy.

Maybe that’s the ultimate problem with A-Rod — no honor. And not just in one area, but in every area. The cheating then with the Rangers through cousin Yuri, the still-alleged cheating now with the Yankees through the Biogenesis lab. The corny photo shoots. The cheesy women. Kabbalah.

The one and only time A-Rod should possibly be allowed to become relevant again…

Going forward, only one thing interests me about A-Rod: When he has been retired five years and becomes eligible for the Hall of Fame, how short will he fall of induction? We all know he won’t get in, but I wonder if he’ll get even 10 percent of the vote. A candidate has to receive at least 5 percent to be put back on the ballot the following year. Will A-Rod, even with his three MVP trophies, make the cut that first year?

Like I said, I struggled with whether or not I should write about my uninterest and disgust in A-Rod, and initially opted not to.  But after reading Doyle’s piece, I felt like he was the anti-A-Rod whisperer, perfectly channeling my every sentiment about this situation.

A-Rod has been given more than enough opportunities to prove he’s remorseful and has learned from his mistakes.  That he’s someone his teammates and fans can depend on.  Yet, he’s failed us over and over again, making every action of his indefensible.  Like Doyle suggested, A-Rod isn’t one of these famous people who we have a love/hate relationship with i.e. Kanye West.  Despite West’s incessant acts of duchebaggery, it’s impossible to deny his musical genius.  Unfortunately, West could curse out a million photogs and damage a million and one cameras, and I would never take My Beautiful Dart Twisted Fantasy or Graduation out of rotation.  But A-Rod, on the other hand, could be exiled to a land far, far away from here and I’d never ask myself, I wonder what A-Rod is up to these days.  Trust me when I tell you, I couldn’t care less.

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