Knicks fans, let’s scout some Summer League talent!

Iman Shumpert (6-5, G, Georgia Tech) -- You might have heard of this guy. Yet while most NBA players head to Summer League after the draft and perhaps again after their rookie year, Iman Shumpert will be making his Vegas debut following his second pro season. A lockout and a major knee injury will do that to you. Shump will be out there, practicing with the team and working on his game because, as Mike Woodson said before Wednesday's practice: everyone in the organization agreed "he needs the reps." He'll be working on things like dribbling with his left hand (pictured above), we presume.

Since we’re regularly reminded that the Knicks have little flexibility in spending, it’s imperative that the team gets thrifty while shopping for talent.  Today, the Knicks Summer League squad takes the court for the first time in Vegas.  Perhaps the roster will reveal a diamond in the rough, slept on type of player that’s productive and efficient, for the low low.

Some players on the team are familiar — Iman Shumpert, Tim Hardaway JR, CJ Leslie, Chris Smith, Jerome Jordan, Jeremy Tyler — and others not as much.

Before taking a look at the complete roster, here are some additional things to note.

1.  Tim Hardaway and CJ Leslie were officially signed by the team.  Since the Knicks already committed to buying the goods, this will allow us to see what type of return to expect.

2.  I love that Shump is playing.  Many questioned his decision to compete considering that he’s entering his third season and he’s already proven his abilities.  But, I say why not? The summer of his rookie season, the NBA was in the midst of the lockout and canceled Summer League.  And last season, he was rehabbing his ACL injury.  Since Shumpert is healthy and able to participate, he’s jumping at the opportunity.  As a Knicks fan, I appreciate this.  Coach Woodson said he wants Shump to improve offensively.  He’s also going to let him have a shot at calling some of the plays.  This will be a good opportunity for Shump to evolve as a leader and athlete.  There’s always an opportunity for players to improve. I’m glad he recognizes that.

3.  When JR Smith re-signed with the Knicks, we should’ve known his shadow and little brother, Chris, wouldn’t be too far behind.  Last season, the Knicks avoided that awkward moment of cutting Chris, due to an injury.  Will lightning strike twice? Probably not.  Pay attention to the spin and how the team maneuvers this situation if they plan to release Chris.

4.  Of all the players, I’m most interested in watching Jeremy Tyler.  If you recall, he made headlines a few years back when he opted to bypass his senior year  in high school and play overseas for two years, instead.  He thought playing in Japan and getting paid would be a better career move than finishing high school, going to college for a year, and then entering the NBA Draft.  While he may have earned some money overseas initially, since returning back to the states, he hasn’t had any luck finding a permanent role with an NBA team.  He eventually was drafted into the NBA, but has bounced between the NBA and NBADL.

The Knicks Summer League season kicks off today at 4PM/ET.  Here’s the  game schedule per

Friday, July 12………………….. vs. New Orleans……………. 4:00 p.m…………….. WATCH ON MSG/NBATV

Sunday, July 14………………… vs. Washington…………….. 4:00 p.m…………….. WATCH ON MSG/NBATV

Monday, July 15………………… vs. Charlotte………………… 4:00 p.m…………….. WATCH ON MSG/NBATV

July 17-22……………………….. Tournament Play………………….. TBD


To help prepare for the upcoming games, here’s a scouting report on each player. Click on the thumbnail to view the player breakdowns as a slideshow.

What do you think about the Knicks Summer League roster? Any true potential?


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  • KnicksFan

    You are a GREAT Source. Your explanation of Amnesty ( from last year!_ is how I found you. You explanation of JR and Pablo trades is almost identical to the way I see it ( although I wasn’t indifferent about JR. He was best option at best price. Him and Pablo for 8MM per year for next 2 years… BARGAIN !!!!. Makes up for the expensive expensive frontcourt…Thanks for this breakdown on the Summer League, VERY helpful…..

    • Shana Renee

      Hi Knicksfan! I’m glad you find the blog to be a great resource! And, I agree with you, considering how handicapped we are, Grunwald made the right move. We still need some other pieces though. Thanks for reading and commenting! Despite the offseason, I’ll continue to post about the Knicks as news is reported. If you don’t already, please follow me on twitter/instagram (@itsshanarenee) and like the blog on facebook ( so you don’t miss anything! #knickstape

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