My weekly NY Jets recaps are returning this season!


Last season, I quit on the New York Jets before they quit on themselves.  Midway through the season, I abandoned my weekly The Morning After posts where I recapped the good, bad, and ugly of every Jets game.  Honestly, taking time to write about how the Jets successfully found new and creative ways to lose wasn’t worth the time.  But that wasn’t the sole reason I quit.  Personal circumstances were a far greater influence on my decision to take a “blogging break”, not just from the Jets, but #allsportseverything.  Period.  However, I must admit, the bad and ugly play, of the Jets, overshadowing the good did make it rather convenient for me to walk away without hesitation.

But as you can see, I’m back on my blogging game!  Things have changed for the better.  Personally speaking, of course. As for the Jets?  That’s another story.  We’re well aware of the cracks in the current roster.  Because of that, and my long history as a Jets fan, my outlook on the season is very meh.  My expectations for the team this season are reasonably fair.  I don’t anticipate the Jets will finish the season with a winning record, regardless of who’s playing quarterback.  However, I’m a lot more tolerant of a rookie making rookie mistakes than I am of a five year vet making rookie mistakes.

Allowing Geno Smith to finally play for a spot at the starting position is a step in the right direction.  And with tomorrow night’s game being broadcast on NBC, I’m able to watch the game live for the first time this season.  With Smith coming off of a “great” practice earlier this week, I’m looking forward to seeing how he conducts himself during tomorrow night’s game against the Giants.

So Sunday morning kicks off the return of my weekly Jets recaps.  I can’t promise that it’ll be consistent because Time Warner Cable and CBS are still making viewers suffer while they squabble over money.  And it might be a revamped The Morning After, but as long as I can watch the games, I’ll be sharing my reaction here on the blog  Be sure to return the morning after each game to get my thoughts!


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