New York Jets x Time Warner Cable: Where to watch tonight’s game


Football’s back!  For many NFL fans, having the opportunity to watch their team in action, if it is just a preseason game, is exciting.  But many of us New York Jets fans who are also Time Warner Cable (TWC) customers, are being robbed of that joy because of an ongoing dispute between TWC and CBS.

Tonight kicks off the Jets preseason and the game against the Detroit Lions will be broadcast on CBS at 730PM/ET, a channel TWC customers are unable to access.  It’s been over a week since TWC pulled CBS from its customers’ lineup.  Initially, I couldn’t care less.  But now that it’s impacting my ability to watch football, I care.

For most teams, there’s usually not much to see during the first preseason game. The regular season starters typically make a brief appearance allowing the less experienced players to shine.  However, in the Jets case, there’s plenty for fans to critique.  This will be the first opportunity for us to assess Geno Smith’s ability and how he compares to Mark Sanchez.  Early reports from the Jets’ beat writers suggest there’s a great possibility the Mark Sanchez era could be in jeopardy because Smith has shown potential as a rookie, while Sanchez continues to struggle as a veteran.  Not to mention, the team has a new offensive, defensive, and special teams coordinator.  Considering the new personnel and mangled roster, for Jets fans, tonight’s game kind of matters.  As far as the standings go, it’s meaningless, but Jets fans need to know exactly how abysmal this season will be.  Are we talking Eric Mangini bad, yet tolerable, or Rich Kotite, I’m defecting from Jets Nation atrocious?  These and many other questions will not be answered tonight, but we will begin to answer them.

Aside from a Linsanity type miracle occurring, which if you recall, is the only thing that ended the dispute between TWC and MSG less than two years ago, Jets’ fans will be forced to catch the game elsewhere.  Hitting up a bar or watching at a friend’s house is always a choice, but if you don’t feel like going out of your way here are some other options to consider.

Sports New York (SNY) is re-aring the game on its network on Saturday morning at 130AM/ET and in the afternoon at 4PM/ET.  Set your DVRs.  Also, the NFL Network has agreed to re-air the game sometime this weekend.  Check your local listings.

Signing up for the NFL preaseason game package is also an option.  Do that here, but know you’ll still have to wait until the game has ended to watch.  Although it advertises the games as live, local markets are blacked out.  Womp. Womp.

And lastly, taking it old school and listening on the radio is also something you can consider.  ESPN Radio 98.7 and SIRIUS are your two go to stations.  But aside from that, there’s not much else.  We, unfortunately, are at the mercy of CBS and Time Warner Cable’s colossal grips.  Needless to say, let’s hope the dispute between TWC and CBS ends verrrrry soon.


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  • Frankie Marrero

    Since I recall last TV channels in NYC were free 2-4-5-7-9-11-13 and 41-47 before all you cable tv providers interfered and promised not to charge those channels.They are paid by your sponsers so how dare you all dispute over charges we are heavily taxed and are dedicated hard working people and the only thing we look forward to is relaxing at home with our favorite channels.

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