Riley Cooper and Cary Williams “Fight”At Eagle’s Practice


Mmmm. So two Eagle’s players get in a tussle at practice and one of them happens to be Riley Cooper.  While it’s all speculative, one can only assume what sparked Cary Williams’s beef with Cooper.

According to, here’s what went down,

Williams threw punches at Cooper and had to be forcibly pulled away after he went back after the wide receiver after the initial fight. The fiery cornerback then walked to a separate field and strolled up and down by himself. Cooper looked visibly distraught and stayed out of one-on-one drills that involved receivers and defensive backs until DeSean Jackson came over to him. Jackson eventually walked over to Williams and had a conversation.

Here’s video of the two teammates going at it.  And I use going at it loosely because there’s nothing more humdrum than watching two grown men flex their toughness and “throw punches” while wearing helmets and pads, smh.

No one should be surprised by this.  When video of Cooper spewing the N-word was released last month, Williams didn’t read from the same script as many of his teammates. Instead, he very pointedly shared that he doesn’t subscribe to the it’s ok for some to use the N-word, but not all school of thought.  Regardless of whether it’s used as a term of endearment or hate, by blacks or whites, Williams doesn’t give anyone a pass.  For him, and many others, the dark meaning behind the word is still deafening and hurtful to hear.  Williams may never forgive Cooper, and that’s something Cooper and the team must accept.  But as teammates, working toward a common goal, Williams must also learn how to check his emotions.  Fights at practice are a regular occurrence, but still unacceptable.  Putting hands on someone else is never ever cool.  Wrong is wrong, no matter who was at fault first.

But goodness.  The Eagles can’t seem to stay away from the drama.  No Andy Reid to blame..finally, but they’re still in the thick of it all.  If the Eagles get off to a slow start, lawd have mercy…lol.


Image via David Maialetti/ Photographer

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