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ASE x Brooklyn Tech: Tech Falls to Grand St 14-6, Adam J. Cirillo Classic this Saturday

With a loss to Grand Street Campus, Brooklyn Tech starts its season 0-2. Here's the game recap, per BrooklynTechFootball.com, This...

LadiesOfTheLeague_Fantasy Recap
Ladies of the League: Fantasy Football Week 2 Recap

Wow. Week 2 brought on lots of surprises.  It seems like every team suffered a major injury that had a...

VIDEO: Brooklyn Tech scrimmages Rhode Island team

In late August, Brooklyn Tech's football team crossed state lines to scrimmage Rhode Island's Woonsocket High School.  The trip, which...

Which 32 team owners are among Forbes’ Richest 400 Americans List?

Remember that Chris Rock joke (around the :45 mark) where he breaks down the difference between rich and wealthy?  He says,...