Julio Jones fans react to season-ending news


A tsunami wave of bad news just wiped out a whole contingent of fantasy football players, and the City of Atlanta. Fans of Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones collectively wept after reports confirmed he’d miss the rest of the season with a foot injury.  In this social media obsessed era we live in, the only method of coping is to tweet or instagram your way through the pain.  Here are some of the best memes and picstitches from depressed fantasy owners and Falcons fans.

As overly dramatic as some of these instagram posts appear, as a former Julio Jones fantasy owner, I can confirm that dropping him from my squad was one of the most gutwrenching managerial moves I’ve had to make in my fantasy football life.  It brought back memories from the time my family decided to put my sick cat to sleep.  No lie.  I let out a loud yell and then shut down for a good five minutes, pondering what was and what could have been.  My emotional attachment to Jones and and my undefeated fantasy team were real, and now it’s all over. ;-(

All jokes aside, I hope Jones heals up and comes back better than ever.  It sucks when any player has his season cut short, but it’s especially heartbreaking when it’s a stud like Jones.  Get well soon!


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