Ladies of the League: Fantasy Football Week 4 Recap

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These are the weeks that the playoffs are decided.  Successfully managing around bye weeks and injuries will ultimately determine who will find themselves in the winner’s circle at the end of the season.  If you’re one of these teams with a losing record, hang in there.  While Peyton Manning has owned every team he’s played this season, his superhero powers do not exempt him and the Denver Broncos from honoring its bye week.  You might get lucky and catch a team who has an overstocked roster sharing the same bye week.  If that happens, it could give you the boost you were looking for. You never know, so hang in there!

OK, let’s get into the Week 4 recaps.


Low and behold, I think we may have had the most lopsided matchup of the century this week.  Team Page mollywopped the heck out of Broad Street Bullies, 128 – 49.  I mean, the margin of victory, 79, was way more than the number of points Broad Street Bullies scored.  Let’s see how this was even possible.  Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 8.40.35 AM

After comparing the rosters, it just appears Broad Street Bullies caught a bad one.  Maurice Jones-Drew (2 pts) and Roddy White (2 pts) have been busts so far this season.  Aside from injuries getting the best of them, MJD is just on a terrible, terrible team.  Anyone who owns him should expect little to no production out of him.  Period.  Then, you have three Philadelphia Eagles players (Mike Vick (13 pts), LeSean McCoy (9 pts), and Jason Avant (o pts))  who were absolutely eaten up by the Denver Broncos defense, and held to zero touchdowns.  As a matter of fact, Broad Street Bullies‘ entire roster only produced one touchdown.  When that happens, there’s absolutely no shot in hell that you’ll pull out a win.  Meanwhile over on Team Page, Jimmy Graham (22 pts), Reggie Bush (22 pts), and Dez Bryant (20 pts) went bonkers and outscored Broad Street Bullies team by themselves.

While it’s a textbook example of your team only being as good as the players on it, I still think it’s the worst beating since this:


How’d I do?

Thanks to my boss managerial move of picking up the Colts D/ST (22 pts), I remain undefeated at 4-0.

This week:  I play Cruz Control, who has a slightly better record, 1-3, than her team’s namesake, Victor Cruz.  But, true winners never underestimate its competition, regardless of what the standings suggest.  I will prepare as I’ve done in the past, and will hopefully remain victorious!



Notorious L.E.X. was the first casualty of bye weeks.  She was forced to bench Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson.  The result?  Her first loss of the season.  A loss that handed her opponent, Yellow Cake, sole possession of first place and the esteemed title of the only remaining undefeated team in the league.  Meanwhile, two teams, Caep’n Krunch and Jerzee Warriors, scored their first wins of the season last week.  So yay for them!  Jerzee Warriors finally smartened up and learned good things happen when you bench Eli Manning.  She benched Manning (9 pts) in favor of Andrew Luck (18 pts), which should’ve been the proper move since Week 1, but whatevs.  Jerzee Warriors is a NY Giants fan and they’re the only ones on the planet not named Manning who actually believe Eli puts the “ELI” in ELITE.  While it took her four weeks to recognize, she’s arrived.  Let’s see how she responds in Week 5.

How’d I do?

Another week, another loss.  Last week’s 74-83 loss to Brooklyn Bruisers has me firmly positioned in 12th place of a 12 women league.  For you non mathematicians, that’s a long way of saying last place.  SMH.  It appears no amount of adds, drops, research, or illuminati pacts will help me.  I ain’t worried though because I believe in my ability to bounce back.  Believe that.

This week:  My first attempt at turning things around comes against the 3-1 Sacks N the City.  :-/  



Necessary Roughness remains undefeated. The Broncos triumvirate of Peyton Manning (29 pts), Eric Decker (8 pts), and Wes Welker (19 pts) have powered her every week.  It’s not fair. And admittedly, it has me plotting on and praying for her downfall.  The Broncos Week 9 bye can’t arrive fast enough!

Aside from me hating on Necessary Roughness, here’s what else I saw.  Chardonnay and Brees-ling came through crushing down buildings, and putting up 133 points against Bri-Ah MulaDadians.  After going 0-3 early on, she finished the first quarter of the season with a bang thanks to Drew Brees (32 pts) and Darren Sproles (23 pts).  With those two heating up at the right time, Chardonnay and Brees-ling  could make things interesting down the stretch.

How’d I do?

Won. After last week’s loss, I wasn’t having it.  The biggest change I made was benching Andre Johnson (11 pts). Although he’s considered a Top 10 receiver, his injuries, the shaky play of Matt Schaub, and the Johnson vs Richard Sherman matchup made me think Johnson wouldn’t have much of an impact.  I gave him the hook in favor of Torrey Smith (22 pts), and it turned out to be the right move!

This week:  I play Team Sassy.  She’s coming off of her first win of the season.  Clap for her.  But let’s not hype her too much, because I have every intention of reminding her of the bitter taste of defeat. Trust.

Remember, there’s a game tonight.  Check and set those lineups!


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