The Morning After: New York Jets vs Cincinnati Bengals (9-49)


Let’s be clear. The New York Jets defensive unit isn’t as good it’s No. 5 ranking would lead you to believe.  They’re completely overrated, which was very apparent during the Jets 49-9 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. It’s the defensive line that deserves the majority of the praise.  They’re responsible for poking holes in a team’s entire running game.  Or, rushing the passer so often and fearlessly that quarterbacks are so shook that they either rush the throw, toss it away, or get knocked on their ass.  The reason the Jets are 4-4 is because of the D-line.  They’ve carried the team all season long.  When they’re playing well, the Jets can hang in a game with any team in the league.  But when they’re off their A game, as we saw yesterday, the entire team collapses like a house of cards.

The secondary, on the other hand, is the weakest link.  They’ve struggled all season long because the talent just isn’t there.  Drafting Dee Milliner to replace Darrelle Revis was a starry-eyed and unrealistic approach to resolving a major area of need.  There’s a lot of field to cover and Antonio Cromartie, who’s been inconsistent his entire career in New York, can’t do it alone, especially now that he’s fighting injuries.  Considering how things haven’t gone so great for Revis in Tampa, something tells me the Jets might have a shot at wooing Revis back. A Rex and Revis reunion is something I’d 100% sign up for after yesterday’s debacle.

Andy Dalton absolutely picked the secondary apart.  His statline:  19/30, 5 TDs, 325 yards, 1 INT.  He spread the ball around to eight different receivers.  But the biggest crime committed was giving up five touchdown passes to Dalton.  Who does that?!!!  And four touchdowns were scored by Marvin Harrison Jones.  The Jets and everyone else were so concerned about AJ Green beating us that they didn’t gameplan for anyone besides Green.  Despite Green being scoreless, he still caught for 115 yards, so the coverage on him wasn’t all that great either.  We absolutely lost the battle of man to man coverage on Sunday.  Where were the adjustments?  Oh wait, benching Milliner for Darrin Walls worked brilliantly. I forgot, smh.

After the game, ESPN released the following stat, “Andy Dalton is 1st QB to throw for 5 TDs vs. the Jets since Miami’s Dan Marino in 1988.”  Oh really, that’s what we’re doing? Allowing average QBs to be recognized in the same light as one of the greatest QBs in the history of the game?  Rex Ryan, who’s so big on defense, owes Marino an apology.

Offensively, things weren’t any better.  From the onset, Mary Mornhinweg’s playcalling was suspect.  There were too many running plays for my liking.  Unlike the New England Patriots, who we successfully ran all over last week, the Bengals have a top 10 rushing defense.  Entering the game, expecting a repeat performance from last week was either wishful thinking, naive, or just plain dumb.  While Geno’s still a turnover machine, he’s also proven that he can make plays when he puts the ball in the air.  However, taking his control away so early in the game and then expecting him to just turn it on because we’ve fallen so far behind is unfair to him.  Thanks to Geno’s two pick 6s, which I’m not excusing, the Bengals defense outscored the Jets offense.  To further clarify, the Bengals defense scored two touchdowns compared to the Jets’ none.  That, plus a 40 point deficit is a reflection on everybody…except Nick Folk, who’s the only consistent part about the Jets.

Next week the Jets are back in New Jersey, but the task won’t be any easier against the 6-1 New Orleans Saints.  Rex and his brother Rob will go head-to-head in the Ryan Bowl.  After yesterday’s no show by the Jets offense and defense, something tells me Rex is going to have a much harder time prepping for Drew Brees & Co. than Rob will have getting ready for the Jets.


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