Ladies of the League: Fantasy Football Week 11 Recap

LadiesOfTheLeague_Fantasy Recap

Week 11 is in the books and only two games remain in the regular season.  While some teams are completely out of contention, others still have a chance to back into the playoffs in a surprising upset.  Let’s take a look at which teams are best positioned for a strong finish as we approach the final lap.


Throughout the majority of the season, Manifest Destiny (9-2), (Foot) Baller Shot Caller (7-4) Victorious Secret (6-5), Catch Me If You Can (6-5), have held down the top four seeds. With two weeks to go before the playoffs, while the seedings have changed from week to week, those four teams are still favorites.  However, nothing is guaranteed because My Big Blue Heaven (6-5) and Chitown’s Greatest (6-5) are nipping at our stilettoed heels!  Yes, I see you ladies!

Last week, Chitown’s Greatest defeated Victorious Secret by just five points!  The results of that matchup put Chitown’s Greatest on a two game winning streak and most definitely with a chance of booting one of the current favorites out of the playoffs.

Based on this week’s matchups, it looks like Victorious Secret and Catch Me If You Can should be most nervous!  They face each other, while Chitown’s Greatest is taking on (3-8) Cruz Control.  Anything can happen, between these two.  But, come Tuesday morning either Victorious Secret or Catch Me If You Can, both teams who have taken nosedives the past two weeks, could have their playoffs hopes on life support.

My Big Blue Heaven is still in it too.  This week she plays 4-7 My Detroit Playas.  However, don’t let her below .500 record fool you. This season she’s beat (Foot) Baller Shot Caller, Victorious Secret, Catch Me If You Can, and lost to Manifest Destiny by just six points.  Bottom line, she can play spoiler and throw a wrench in everythang!

Manifest Destiny is the only team that has a guaranteed playoff spot. Lucky her.

How’d I do?

After being bumped from the playoffs last week, and getting a taste of how the “others” live, I wasn’t having it.  I hoped for a win, but never expected to climb all the way back to second place.  My victory was largely due to Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown getting busy with 147 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 26 fantasy points.  That was more than enough to cover the -2 points my pitiful New York Jets contributed.  Also, it didn’t hurt that My Big Blue Heaven’s stud wide receiver A.J. Green was absolutely shut down by Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden.  Green finished the game with just TWO yards and ZERO fantasy points.  Also, Riley Cooper (2 points) returned to obscurity on Sunday.  And for that, I am grateful.   



(8-3) Yellow Cake, (7-4) Sacks N the City, and (7-4) Da PNG Champ is Here have been consistent all season long.  The fact that they’re poised to advance to the playoffs isn’t surprising.  However, my team, (7-4) You Know My Steez, possibly joining them for that illustrious honor is.

In Week 4, I was in 12th place. Twelfth y’all! (Sidenote- it took me about twelve tries to spell “twelfth” accurately…LOL. It’s so pathetic, I had to share.) But I digress.  So yeah, now I’m here and I’m loving it.  Don’t worry, I’m not getting too comfortable just yet, though.   In fact, none of us should. There are just two games separating first and sixth place.  (6-5) Team Coston, (6-5) and Obi Wan Nikobi are both within striking of overtaking one or two of us.

Based on this week’s matchups, let’s see who has the best chance of inching towards the promised land or taking a tumble toward the consolation bracket.

Well, I’ll start with myself.  I could be the first to be back on the outside looking in.  Although I’ve been hotter than this week’s opponent, Team Coston, I have five consecutive wins compared to her three, I can’t deny that I’d trade some of my players for hers in a heartbeat.  Cam Newton, Jamaal Charles, and Andre Johnson all make me nervous. A perfect fourth and fifth place swap is a very real scenario.

Sacks N the City, watch your back this week.  Don’t sleep on (3-8) Jerzee Warriors, she’s a fierce competitor and hellbent on trying to string together a couple of wins before the season ends.  She’s coming for you!

Obi Wan Nikobi has benefited from increased production out of Eddie Lacy and Zac Stacy.  If they continue to get fed, Obi Wan Nikobi’s chances of winning are high.  But, sadly, she doesn’t control her playoff destiny.  One of the three 7-4 teams must lose in order for Obi Wan Nikobi to enter the fold.

Yellow Cake has a one game advantage over the second, third, and fourth place teams.  The past two weeks have been rough for her though.  And looking ahead to Week 13, the last thing she wants to do is face a vengeful Caep’n Krunch who has nothing to play for.  However, a win against the 3-8 Every Play I’m Russelin’ this week, will secure a playoff spot.  It’s simple Yellow Cake.  Win and you’re in.

Unlike the Hall of Famers and Rookies leagues, not one All Star has a guaranteed playoff spot just yet.  The pressure is thick!

How’d I do?

If I wanted to maintain my playoff spot, I knew a win against Yellow Cake was necessary.  Thankfully, with the help of RGIII and Calvin Johnson, I earned it.


Things are getting very interesting in this league.  (8-3) Necessary Roughness was undefeated up until Week 9 when the Denver Broncos went on bye.  Since, she’s lost three in a row!  A first place constant is now barely holding onto her fourth place playoff spot.  (9-2) Imaginary Playas (that’s me!), (8-3) The New Crew, and (8-3) LUCK of the Draw have all knocked Necessary Roughness down a few pegs.

Outside of us four, (6-5) Chardonnay and Brees-ling and (6-5)  and Team Autodraft are still alive, just two games behind the 8-3 teams.

The matchup to watch here is between The New Crew and LUCK of the Draw.  They’re both in the middle of a three-game winning streak, but someone will lose.  And that loss could possibly be a season killer for one of those teams.  Also, the fifth and sixth place teams are facing 2-9 teams (Brooklyn Reddhots and Team Sassy).  Based on logic, it looks like an easy win, but I have three words:  Any given Sunday.

How’d I do?

LUCK of the Draw continued her epic takedown of teams and I was her latest victim.  But thankfully, it didn’t hurt me at all.  Despite taking the L, I’m still in first place with a guaranteed playoff spot.  This week, I can breathe a little easier.  Phew.

This week can make or break many of us.  Don’t forget to update those lineups and pay attention to who’s in and out.  To those teams that are playing for pride, don’t quit now.  If you’re matched against a playoff contender, you could play dreamkiller.  I think that’s a pretty bad ass role to be in, don’t ya think?

Tonight the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons take the field.  Good luck.


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