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Sneaker Chic: Solange takes her talents to PUMA!

Solange Knowles is already considered a multi-hyphenate, what's one more occupation?!! On Wednesday, everyone's favorite chica hit up her Instagram...

Hey NYC! Don’t miss the Schomburg’s ‘Little Ballers’ screening on Dec 3

During the Urban World Film Festival, I attended a screening for Little Ballers.  Directed and produced by Crystal McCrary, Little Ballers...

Yes, that is indeed a soccer stadium shaped like a vagina!

Nope. You're not a perv for thinking the pic above resembles a vagina.  I mean...because...look at it.  It does!  That...

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GET YOUR HANDS OUT MY POCKETS! Usain Bolt to Anti-Doping Agency

The recent doping scandal surrounding Jamaica's track & field team could potentially hurt Usain Bolt's pockets and he's not having...