About Rex Ryan coaching the Buffalo Bills…


Well, that didn’t take long!

Two weeks after being fired by the New York Jets, Rex Ryan has reportedly landed a new head coaching position with the Buffalo Bills.  The five-year deal totaling $27.5 million is a pretty enticing offer, but despite the Bills having a solid defense and an impressive young talent in wide receiver Sammy Watkins, I can’t help but wonder why Ryan would sign up to coach another team with a suspect starting quarterback.  Geno Smith’s 2013 draftmate EJ Manuel has had his fair share of challenges adjusting to the NFL.  Drafted ahead of Smith, Manuel only started four games before getting benched in favor of the now-retired Kyle Orton, this season.  Furthermore, unlike the Jets, the Bills don’t have a first-round pick in this year’s draft to leverage.  Last year, they sent it to the Browns so they could trade up and sign Watkins. Luckily for the Jets’ division rival, Watkins turned out to be a stud, but with Manuel the only quarterback option, it makes you wonder why Ryan walked into a similarly dismal situation.  The pay is great, but with big money comes great expectations. Will the Bills new ownership be as patient as Woody Johnson if the team gets off to a slow start?  It’s an incredibly risky move by Rex, but I wish him all the best.  Well actually, nah…I don’t.  Since he’ll be facing the Jets twice a year and is also competing for the AFC East Division title, I can’t in good conscience root for his success.  But it’s strictly business, nothing personal.

What do you think about Rex’s new gig? Do you think he’s setting himself up for a let down if he has to put his trust in Manuel?


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