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WOW: Percy Harvin’s gonna be a New York Jet!

WHOA! Word on the street is that the New York Jets have traded for Percy Harvin.  PERCY HARVIN!!!!  In exchange, the Seattle Seahawks will receive a conditional mid-round draft pick. Man, I did not expect this.  I was resigned to...


NY Jets @ New England Patriots: 3 Key Takeaways

Thursday’s New York Jets 25-27 loss to the New England Patriots made me more pissed than heartbroken.  The Jets were thisclose to shocking the world and beating those damn Patriots.  A win would’ve finally shut up the unbearably obnoxious and...


15 Player Quotes from Knicks Media Day

  Monday, the New York Knicks held media day at its training facility in Westchester, NY.  The players had an opportunity to catch up with the media and share their outlook on the upcoming season as they adjust to playing...