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Stereotyping Sports: Too Black vs Not Black Enough

Back in my elementary school days, I was called a white black girl by black people.  I lived in the suburbs and was bused to a private school also in the ‘burbs. I was raised in a stable two-parent home....


WOW: Percy Harvin’s gonna be a New York Jet!

WHOA! Word on the street is that the New York Jets have traded for Percy Harvin.  PERCY HARVIN!!!!  In exchange, the Seattle Seahawks will receive a conditional mid-round draft pick. Man, I did not expect this.  I was resigned to...


NY Jets @ New England Patriots: 3 Key Takeaways

Thursday’s New York Jets 25-27 loss to the New England Patriots made me more pissed than heartbroken.  The Jets were thisclose to shocking the world and beating those damn Patriots.  A win would’ve finally shut up the unbearably obnoxious and...