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ICYMI: NY Yankees turn 5-4-3 triple play!

Thursday night while every sports fan was glued to ESPN’s latest 30 for 30 installment, Bad Boys, the New York Yankees were rolling all over the Tampa Bay Rays and David Price.  During the top of the second inning, the...

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Love & Basketball: 15 Sports Couples We Love!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are 15 couples, ruling sports, that I personally love.  Or, in the case of Tom Brady, respect. The men are loved for obvious reasons, but the women have proven to be badass chicks in...


Thank you, Captain Clutch!

  New York Yankees captain, Derek Jeter, just announced he is retiring following the 2014 season. I wish him a healthy and prosperous upcoming season, and thank him for his dedication, consistency, and excellence throughout this 20 year career. He made...

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OK… A Reluctant Congrats to the Red Sox!

  OK, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I abhor everything about Boston’s sports teams.  However, I’m secure enough in my New York fandom to admit that I enjoyed watching this year’s World Series.  In fact, this is...

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Boston Red Sox and Tampa Rays engage in twitter beef

Usually when we’re talking about sports related twitter beefs it involves athletes.  Rarely are organizations going at each other in 140 characters or less.  However, that wasn’t the case last night.  In a highly contested game complete with a blown...


Make it stop: A-Rod’s insufferable media coverage

Instead of preparing to start in his first MLB game of the season tonight, Alex Rodriguez is back in Florida rehabbing a quad injury.  Much to the delight of conspiracy theorists everywhere, A-Rod’s future remains ripe for discussion and scrutiny....


Cashman to A-Rod: “…shut the f**k up.”

After a long day, this is the kind of laugh I like to come home to. So, Alex Rodriguez recently joined twitter.  Actually, he joined twitter almost a month ago but since no one cares about him, most people didn’t...


Robinson Cano Signs with Jay-Z, Roc Nation Sports

“Can’t stop, won’t stop.” Diddy may have popularized that phrase, but fellow music mogul, Jay-Z, has also taken that term and run with it. ESPN’s Darren Rovell recently announced that Jay-Z has expanded his Roc Nation entertainment company to include...