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Love & Basketball: 15 Sports Couples We Love!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are 15 couples, ruling sports, that I personally love.  Or, in the case of Tom Brady, respect. The men are loved for obvious reasons, but the women have proven to be badass chicks in...


Remembering Mandela and how sports influenced his legacy

  For me, Nelson Mandela is an iconic and heroic figure to whom I feel an indescribable and unusual closeness.  My personal champion.  Though he’s physically departed from the world, his contributions are transcendent and eternal.  His determination to achieve...


US Men’s National Team punches ticket to 2014 World Cup

Woohoo! It’s official, after defeating Mexico 2-0, we’re headed to Brazil next summer. And as in “we’re”, I mean the US Men’s National Team (USMNT).  Before the match, veteran player and leader Landon Donovan guaranteed another 2-0 or dos a...

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Happy Father’s Day: All-Star Athlete Dads

To debunk the deadbeat stereotype of athletes on this wonderful holiday, I’m spreading love and positivity to a few All-Star Athlete Dads.  Regularly, they’re praised for their accomplishments in sports, and rightfully so.  But these men also deserve to be...


Steve Nash’s Soccer “Showdown” Returns to NYC

Long before New York City began its transformation to become Soccertown, USA, NBA All-Star, Steve Nash, was already on it.  For the sixth year, Steve Nash is heading to the Big Apple to host his annual Steve Nash Foundation “Showdown”,...


#ThrowbackThursday: 1999 Women’s World Cup Final

  The 1999 Women’s World Cup is one of the greatest sports moments in American history.  Until that summer, I don’t recall having an interest in or awareness of the World Cup.  Although my family was heavily into sports, somehow...


(Video) Lionel Messi’s Five Goals Smash Bayer

Lionel Messi is that dude.  He did major work against Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League round of 16 series.  His five goals, yes FIVE, led Barcelona to a 7-1 win and landed them a spot in the quarterfinals.  Messi’s...


US Men and Nike catch World Cup fever early (VIDEO)

The US Men’s National Team pulled off a seemingly impossible feat, yesterday.  They beat Italy in Italy, 1-0, for the first time. Ever.  It took them 11 attempts and 8o years, but hey who’s counting? Although it was a meaningless...