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#ThrowbackThursday: 1999 Women’s World Cup Final

  The 1999 Women’s World Cup is one of the greatest sports moments in American history.  Until that summer, I don’t recall having an interest in or awareness of the World Cup.  Although my family was heavily into sports, somehow...


All Hail Japan!

Stunned? Heartbroken? Numb? Nauseous? Yes, all of the above emotions traveled through my body as I watched Team USA’s beautiful World Cup run come to a screeching halt Sunday afternoon.  But after a brief moment of silence, I collected my...


Wambach & Solo Keep USA’s Hopes Alive!

Before the USA vs Brazil match started, I knew what was at stake.  I knew that if USA suffered a loss to Brazil, we’d be knocked out of the tournament and sent home.  I also knew that despite USA’s four...