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Black Girls Rock: Victoria Duval stuns at the U.S. Open

Sloane Stephens, I know you’ve been eying Serena Williams’s throne, but you might want to fall back a bit.  There’s a new YBF chick, Victoria Duval, on the scene and she’s completely captured the hearts of America.  No really, Lil’...


Serena Williams Wins 2013 French Open!

Give it up for Serena Williams! Against any other opponent, Maria Sharapova’s impressive 100 mph serve would’ve dominated.  But against the overpowering Williams, it simply wasn’t enough. Whether she was on offense or defense, it didn’t matter.  Serena’s return game...


Serena Erupts Under Pressure; Loses US Open

Unfortunately, the beautiful comeback story Serena Williams was writing at the US Open didn’t end as many hoped and predicted.  Yes, her 6-2, 6-3 loss to Sam Stosur was disappointing, but the controversial events surrounding the loss were a bigger...