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Athletes Tweet Tebow Reactions!

Yesterday, Tim Tebow put on one heavenly performance as he led the Denver Broncos to a 29-23 OT win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Adding to the mystique of his game, Tebow threw for exactly 316 yards, as in Tebow 3:16,...


Drew Rosenhaus’ 60 Minutes Interview

In case you missed it, super agent Drew Rosenhaus was featured on 60 Minutes last night. The show takes us behind-the-scenes of Rosenhaus’ crazed life as viewers watch him juggling two phones as he answers calls, text messages, and responds...

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Tedy Bruschi Slams Ochocinco About Brady Tweet

Monday night, Tom Brady did a tremendous job distributing the ball and getting his teammates involved, but there was one very noticeable wide receiver who had a quiet debut in his first regular season game with the New England Patriots–...

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Today’s Sports Tweet: Chad Ochocinco

Yesterday, ESPN’s Rick Reilly posted an article called, “Making tight ends meet”.  In an attempt to humanize NFL athletes that are often portrayed as selfish and greedy, Reilly shares the story of NFL players who, unlike many of their NFL...

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Meet Ronak & Keyur, Founders of This Is It Collection!

How many of you have had a brilliant idea and failed to execute it; only to see someone else breathe life to a similar idea and have a major come up? *Slowly raises hand.*  Well, thank goodness not everyone falls...


The Jets Continue to Make Moves!

Spotted on Twitter:  Cincinnati Bengal Chad Ochocinco (@ogochocinco) and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (@nflcommish) confabbing. @ogochocinco: Roger, the NY JETS are out of control with these off season additions, is George Steinbrenner the owner now? @nflcommish replied: No. Woody is the...