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WATCH: Chris Rock tells us why black people don’t like baseball anymore

No one’s better at publicly speaking uncomfortable truths about race than comedian Chris Rock.  Whether he’s discussing race related to profiling, police brutality, politics, socioeconomic status, or Hollywood, his delivery is consistently nuanced and humorous, which softens the blow for...

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HBO Hard Knocks: Cincinnati Bengals teasers are here

Soon and very soon,  all of the filler football news we’ve endured throughout the offseason will be replaced with actual stuff we care about like training camp battles between quarterbacks and rookies.  To add to the excitement, everyone’s favorite reality...


Why isn’t ‘Hard Knocks’ on HBO Go?

Earlier this year, I discontinued my HBO subscription.  Like 98% of the US population, I was searching for ways to reduce my monthly expenses and cutting the cable cord was an obvious first choice.  Though I maintained the basic channels...


HBO Sports Needs You For A New DocuSeries!

HBO Sports and Sports Illustrated have joined forces with Endgame Entertainment and Playground, to produce a new documentary series, SPORT IN AMERICA: Our Defining Stories.  According to the press release, The show is a multipart series scheduled to air in...


DJK3: The Aftermath

What a magical weekend in the Bronx.  Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit, homerun, game winning RBI, and 5-5 performance is definitely worth a lifetime of memories. Under the flashing bulbs, rolling cameras, and a roaring sold out crowd, MLB’s golden boy...