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Are you paying attention to what Durant’s been doing lately?

Lately, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant  has been playing like someone who’s pissed off.  After displaying a bit of vulnerability and admitting his desire to finally finish first, last year, he’s letting his game do the talking and taking...

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D-Wade and Durant were E-beefing

Whenever Sports Illustrated releases its annual list of the Top 100 NBA players it sparks a debate.  Everyone from NBA analysts, bloggers to barbershops and corner boys attempt to poke holes in the rational behind a subjective list that supposedly...


Jay-Z is officially a licensed NBA agent

And the Jay-Z takeover continues. ESPN’s Darren Rovell has reported that Jay-Z is officially a licensed NBA agent and certified with the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) to represent players in contract negotiations with teams.  However, he’s also still working...


VIDEO: Lebron Scores 10 points in 1:46

  Nope, it’s not quite as unbelievable as Reggie Miller’s record-setting 8 points in 11 seconds performance, but watching Lebron James effortlessly knock down contested shots is still pretty impressive. Despite his hot hand, James snapped his 6-game streak of...


#ThrowbackThursday: Kevin Durant vs LeBron James

This week’s #ThrowbackThursday moment is inspired by tonight’s possible closeout game between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. We’re going to take it back….all the way back to last summer when NBA players were locked out and hooping it...

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VIDEO: It sucks to be Michael Jordan.

Ever wonder what it would be like to share the same name as the GOAT, Michael Jordan, or any other super successful celeb or athlete?  Well, ESPN kind of has an idea of the destiny that may befall such a...

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Kevin Durant Fires Back at Skip Bayless

What seems like every day, Skip Bayless, an Oklahoma City native and self-proclaimed Thunder/Kevin Durant fan, criticizes Russell Westbrook for being a shoot first, pass second point guard.  Bayless doesn’t hold back in ripping Westbrook for what can be interpreted...