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Chris Paul_NBA All-Star Game 2013 NBA

Random Thoughts on NBA All-Star Weekend 2013

  No question, the NBA has the best all-star experience of all the professional sports leagues. However, being the best doesn’t mean it’s flawless. Here are some random thoughts on NBA All-Star Weekend. – If you didn’t know Kyrie Irving...


Why I Love Sports…From A to Z!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought it was only right that I pour my heart out and gush about my first true love, sports.  Here are the reasons I love sports…from A to Z. Athletes- Without you, I’d...

Kilroy vs Sandcastle NFL

Leon Sandcastle vs Johnny Kilroy: Who Did It Better?

Did you know before Deion Sanders posed as Leon Sandcastle, Michael Jordan’s alias, Johnny Kilroy, existed?  In an effort to further the Jordan brand following his 1993 retirement, Nike took the clever approach of developing the fictional character, Johnny Kilroy.  ...


#ThrowbackThursday: The Dream Team

This week’s #ThrowbackThursday moment is dedicated to the 1992 Dream Team. There’s nothing I can say that will add to the lore and eternal list of superlatives that describe the greatest team of all time of any sport.  However, I...

Nba_espn NBA

VIDEO: It sucks to be Michael Jordan.

Ever wonder what it would be like to share the same name as the GOAT, Michael Jordan, or any other super successful celeb or athlete?  Well, ESPN kind of has an idea of the destiny that may befall such a...