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Top Memes from Chicago Cubs Curse-Ending World Series Win!

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs! One-hundred-and eight years, nor a 17 minute rain delay, nor extra innings, or even Steve Bartman would prevent the Cubs from ending The Curse Thursday morning. Game 7 was as wild as it wanted to...

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Thanks For The Memories, David Ortiz

Consistent designated hitters in Major League Baseball are hard to come by. It’s a position that is usually left for the team’s best veteran hitter that could shift the momentum of a game with just one hit. For the Boston Red...


The Mets strike chord by re-signing Jose Reyes

In the 2000s, MLB shortstop Jose Reyes was a household name. Even if you weren’t a New York Mets fan or a sports fan in general, it’s likely you knew the name of the Dominican infielder. Reyes, then 19, made his...


NY recognizes NY: Cap Tip from a Yankees fan to Mets

How about those New York Mets?!!! As a privileged New York Yankees fan (hello 27 World Series Championships!), I never thought I’d see the day that the Mets were the talk of the baseball world for their performance on the...


Botched Mets Trade is New Low Even For the Mets

Apparently there is crying in baseball.  Exhibit A:  New York Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores. Wednesday evening was a wild night for the New York Mets, its players, and fans.  With the MLB trade deadline approaching, word spread that Milwaukee Brewers...

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WATCH: Chris Rock tells us why black people don’t like baseball anymore

No one’s better at publicly speaking uncomfortable truths about race than comedian Chris Rock.  Whether he’s discussing race related to profiling, police brutality, politics, socioeconomic status, or Hollywood, his delivery is consistently nuanced and humorous, which softens the blow for...