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Robinson Cano Signs with Jay-Z, Roc Nation Sports

“Can’t stop, won’t stop.” Diddy may have popularized that phrase, but fellow music mogul, Jay-Z, has also taken that term and run with it. ESPN’s Darren Rovell recently announced that Jay-Z has expanded his Roc Nation entertainment company to include...


Donald Trumps Blasts A-Rod on Twitter

I, like most left leaning Americans, have really soured on Donald Trump. His incessant need to make ridiculous and insulting statements for the sake of grabbing headlines is desperate and pathetic.  Yet, regardless of whether I love or hate him,...


NY Yankees: Big League Humblebraggers

  If you visit the Yankees at their spring training facilities down in Tampa, you might think you’re seeing double.  Relax, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.  You are definitely seeing double.  After outfitting coaches and retiring 16 numbers...

Photo via Rob Carr/Getty Images MLB

MLB Wild Card Craziness & 5 EPIC Moments!

What culminated Wednesday night is straight up inexplicable.  So, I won’t even attempt to recap the chain of events.  If you missed it, that’s too bad.  It was absolutely one of, if not THE single greatest and most epic nights...


NY Yankees bomb Oakland A’s and slam them 22-9.

Thursday afternoon, after an 89-minute rain delay, the NY Yankees and the Oakland A’s finally took the field under gray skies.  Early on, the A’s attacked Phil Hughes and it seemed like the Yankees were going to record their third...