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Super Bowl XLIX: The Super Bad Call That Ruined It All

  Before the fate of the Seattle Seahawks was sealed, I planned to write a blog post listing 10 thoughts about Super Bowl XLIX.  It included some words about Katy Perry’s struggle dance performance during an otherwise enjoyable show that...

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Deflate-Gate: Why I Have a Hard Time Believing Tom Brady

Shawn “Jay Z” Carter said it best, “We don’t believe you, you need more people!” That’s how I’d sum up my reaction to watching Tom Brady lie his way through Thursday’s Deflate-Gate press conference.  But, let me first address New...


Dissecting the New York Jets 2014 Schedule

  Finally! The NFL’s 2014-2015 is here. If it felt like the NFL released this season’s schedule later than usual, they did.  But the wait is officially over.  And that’s exciting as hell because it’s another sign the season is...