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PSA: The Seattle Storm won two WNBA Championships since 1979!

After the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl victory over the Denver Broncos, Fox Sports announced that the Seahawks Super Bowl win was Seattle’s first professional sports championship since Lenny Wilkens and the Seattle Supersonics defeated the Washington Bullets in 1979.  Later...

matt barnes NBA

Twitter Foolishness: Matt Barnes Edition

  Last night, the LA Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder got into a bit of a scuffle.  It all began when Serge Ibaka and Blake Griffin’s arms got tangled after a rebound.  Ibaka wanted to free his arm, and applied...

redsox_rays MLB

Boston Red Sox and Tampa Rays engage in twitter beef

Usually when we’re talking about sports related twitter beefs it involves athletes.  Rarely are organizations going at each other in 140 characters or less.  However, that wasn’t the case last night.  In a highly contested game complete with a blown...


The unfair censorship of Victor Cruz and Roddy White

Immediately following the verdict in the George Zimmerman Murder trial, social media reactions were rampant and overflowing with outrage.  Among the voices of those expressing indignation were athletes.  While some athletes such as Chris Paul and Stephen Curry were thoughtful...

NBA Free Agency NBA

My main ‘sources’ for reliable NBA Free Agency news

As sports fans, we’re impatiently waiting to hear which player(s) team management believes will transform our team into a serious contender. But within the era of social media, sometimes it’s difficult to discern between authentic ‘sources’ and imposters who abuse...


Cashman to A-Rod: “…shut the f**k up.”

After a long day, this is the kind of laugh I like to come home to. So, Alex Rodriguez recently joined twitter.  Actually, he joined twitter almost a month ago but since no one cares about him, most people didn’t...


Goodbye @SdotRenee…Hello @ItsShanaRenee!

Confession. I’m in the midst of experiencing a social media identity crisis, but thankfully a resolution is near! When I became a twitterer however many years ago, I wanted to be referred to as @ShanaRenee.  After all, that’s what people...