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There is winning, there is misery, and there is Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Listen to your gut and spare yourself the pain. That's the lesson I learned from the New York Jets 3-24...

All Money Ain’t Good Money: Why PWIs shouldn’t meet HBCUs on the Gridiron

It’s electrifying.  It’s intense.  It’s magical.  “It” is none other than college football! The college football season is three weeks...

UnManning The Game TV: ESPN’s Jemele Hill is Winning in a Man’s World

"They're not walking around giving Black women TV shows," says Jemele Hill.  The accuracy of her statement can't be disputed....

[ICYMI] Shana Renee on Hot 97 Street Soldiers Talking Kaepernick & Activist Athletes

To sit, stand, or kneel...that is the question. And one that was discussed last week on Hot 97's Street Soldiers...