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Let’s Collaborate!




There’s no “I” in team!

If you’re a fan of the All Sports Everything brand, or its founder, Shana Renee, and you’re wondering how you can be down…you’re in the right place.

  1. Want to advertise on ASE.com — email shana@allsportseverything.com!
  2. Have a product you’d like to giveaway to ASE readers or ASE Radio listeners — contact shana@allsportseverything.com!
  3. Want Shana Renee or ASE to cover your upcoming event — submit an email to shana@allsportseverything.com!
  4. Want to book Shana Renee for a speaking engagement — let’s communicate via shana@allsportseverything.com!
  5. Got a story to tell or want to contribute to ASE? Send writing samples, resume, and sports interests to shana@allsportseverything.com!
  6. Want to intern for school credit or just for the heck of it! Here’s your chance! Pass along your resume, goals, interests, and any additional relevant info to Shana Renee via  shana@allsportseverything.com!

Basically, holla at Shana Renee via shana@allsportseverything.com for any inquiries.